[40], On the southern side of Main Street, near its junction with Bridge Street, is North Yarmouth Academy (NYA), a private college preparatory school established in 1814. The annual Yarmouth Clam Festival attracts around 120,000 people (around fourteen times its population) over the course of the three-day weekend. In those days, the region was known as North Yarmouth and was inhabited by Native Indians attracted to both the coast and the natural resources. In 1720, a young Massachusetts native, Gilbert Winslow, erected a saw mill on Atwell's Creek (which became known colloquially as Folly Creek, due to this venture, which was expected to fail). [14] Azel Kingsley ran a supplemental service minus the horses. It has eleven southbound services to Portland and twelve northbound services to Brunswick on weekdays and an abbreviated Saturday schedule. Pownal native Frank Knight, Herbie's "warden", died in May 2012 at the age of 103. [12], As of the census[2] of 2010, there were 8,349 people, 3,522 households, and 2,317 families residing in the town. 22.8% of residents were under the age of 18; 5.6% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 20% were from 25 to 44; 34.9% were from 45 to 64; and 16.7% were 65 years of age or older. It runs elevated through town (including, in controversial fashion, over the harborside at Lower Falls). TOWN OF YARMOUTH 200 Main Street Yarmouth, Maine 04096 Phone: (207) 846-9036 Fax: (207)846-2403 Nathaniel J. Tupper Town Manager Email: ntupper@yarmouth.me.us To the Honorable Town Council and Citizends of the [14] It ran two services in each direction: southbound at 7:30 and 11:30 am and northbound at 3:00 and 5:00 pm. Crabtree in July 1886. [61] The project was completed the following month. The building was moved here in 1898 from Pleasant Street. It ceased being used as a church in 1889, when its congregation moved to the structure now on Main Street. In 1961, the Yarmouth section of Interstate 295 was built. During World War II, the belfry was used an airplane-spotting outlook post in the Civil Defense System. Twelve townsfolk per day manned the tower in two-hour shifts. The population density was 626.7 people per square mile (242.0/km2). [51] Prior to the installation of U.S. Route 1, today's curve of Route 88 as it passes Cumberland Farms instead continued directly north-east towards Cousins River. The median age was 42 years. The average household size was 2.34 and the average family size was 2.87. Yarmouth is safer than 77% of U.S. cities. Later that night, Condon was stopped by South Portland police when he was suspected of operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. (Einar served in the United States Army; Gloria in the U.S. This became Yarmouth Water Company in 1895, and Yarmouth Water District in 1923. The mill, which was in business for 36 years, ground wheat and corn into flour using power generated by the water turbines set in the fast-flowing river below. Election 2020: Yarmouth Town Council draws 5 candidates for 3 seats Incumbents April Humphrey and Tim Shannon face challenges from Michelle Cromarty, Jim Macleod and Tom Romano. [29] In 2016, DeLorme was purchased by Garmin.[30]. Yarmouth is a town in Cumberland County, Maine, located twelve miles north of the state's largest city, Portland. Twelve properties in Yarmouth are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 1805 bell was transferred to the new home. of Revenue - … The original building burned in 1870. Yarmouth is a town in Cumberland County, Maine, United States, located approximately ten to fifteen miles north of Portland. In 2019, the town approved a final draft of a "streetscape improvement plan" for the Main Street village first discussed in July the previous year. YARMOUTH — The Cumberland Town Council approved on Dec. 14 selling a town-owned gravel pit, located in North Yarmouth, to the Yarmouth Water District. They are at rest in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland. In October 1674, the first sawmill, of Englishman Henry Sayward and Colonel Bartholomew Gedney, was built on the eastern (Main Street) side of the First Falls, by present-day Lafayette Street. Yarmouth ist gelegen an der südöstlichen Küste von Maine, am Atlantischen Ozean. 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Im Jahr 2010 lebten dort 8349 Einwohner in 3819 Haushalten auf einer Fläche von 59,4 km². This is today's Lafayette Street hill, which drops about fifty feet from its crest to its base. [11] The family of Captain Nicholas Drinkwater, Jr. is buried in the latter location, in a communal plot also containing his wife, Margaret, his son, Joshua, and Joshua's wife and Boston native, Harriet. [39] Work is not expected to start any time soon. NORTH YARMOUTH — All municipal offices and facilities will be limiting in-person services to appointment-only effective Dec. 14 until Jan. 15 at the earliest. [11], The first bridge carrying East Main Street was erected, above the falls, in 1748. Yarmouth, the common name of Great Yarmouth, a town in Norfolk Great Yarmouth (UK Parliament constituency) Borough of Great Yarmouth, a local government district Yarmouth, Isle of Wight Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (UK [11], Davis Cemetery is located on the section of Granite Street to the south of East Main Street and Old County Road, an area known as Sodom historically. [48], Roswell P. Greeley established an express service between Portland and Yarmouth, employing a span of horses and large wagons. Two other cemeteries in town — Riverside and Holy Cross — are located adjacent to each other, at the eastern end of Smith Street. Named for Nicholas White, Broad Cove (from west of Sunset Point due east to Route 88), Russell Hall, North Yarmouth Academy, 129 Main Street, Academy Hall, North Yarmouth Academy, 129 Main Street, Muddy Rudder (so named after Clarence "Mitt" Collins brought the 1902 tug, Royal River Grill House (on the former site of the Royal River Packing Company fish, Gather (in the former home of the Masonic Lodge), William H. Rowe (Elementary) School (built 1955; rebuilt in 2003), Yarmouth Elementary School (built 1968; named Yarmouth Intermediate School until 1992), Frank H. Harrison Middle School (built 1992), Latchstring Park, Main Street and West Elm Street, Spear Farm Estuary Preserve, Bayview Street, Barker Preserve, between East Elm Street and Royal River, Camp SOCI, Sandy Point Road, Cousins Island (established in 1957), Sandy Point Beach, Cousins Street, Cousins Island, Katherine Tinker Preserve, Seal Lane, Cousins Island, Littlejohn Island Preserve, Pemasong Lane, Littlejohn Island, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 02:21. The town of Yarmouth in Cumberland, Maine was not incorporated until the mid 19th century, but the region was settled two centuries earlier. In the present-day building, at 1 Main Street, are F.M. St. Bartholomew's Episcopal is at 396 Gilman Road, heading towards Cousins Island. A notable former establishment was Bill's Home Style Sandwiches, which stood where Binga's Winga's is today. The per capita income for the town was $34,317. The Beth Condon Memorial Pathway is a pedestrian and bicycle path that originates on the western side of the Portland Street and Route 1 intersection. Holy Cross, a Catholic-denomination cemetery, is affiliated with Falmouth's Parish of the Holy Eucharist. The only bus route that services the town is Greater Portland Metro’s BREEZ. Click here to find info for new residents! Their affairs included laying out the highways. Monmouth Town Office 859 Main Street, PO Box 270 Monmouth ME 04259 (207)933-2206 (207)933-3413 fax Office Hours: M 10 - 6, T, W, Th 9-5 closed Fridays REMEMBER: DOG LICENSES EXPIRE ON DECEMBER 31ST Yarmouth Town Hall 1146 Route 28 South Yarmouth, MA 02664 Phone: 508-398-2231 Ext. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.59% of the population. It is at this juncture, where Condon died, that a butterfly garden was built in her honor. White & Associates and Maine Environmental Laboratory. The two elementary schools are unique in that the William H. Rowe School caters to students in kindergarten and the first grade, while Yarmouth Elementary educates second through fourth graders. Boarding houses, which still exist today at 107 and 109 Bridge Street, were built on the crest of the northern Bridge Street hill, providing accommodation for weavers, seamstresses and bobbin boys. U.S. Route 1 arrived in the late 1940s, at grade and also a bridge over Main Street, shortly after the conclusion of World War II. On weekends, the first of six southbound services arrives at around 9.45 AM and the last one at around 8.55 PM. [18], Here at the northern end of the Royal River Park once stood Charles H. Weston's machine shop and foundry, which, from 1876 to 1892, manufactured equipment for cotton and woolen mills, turbine water wheels, steam engines and a wide variety of machinery for customers all over the world. The only graveyard (that is, a burial ground associated with a church) in Yarmouth is located beside the Meeting House on Hillside Street. The last one, the Down East Village Motel, was demolished in 2017 to make way for a Patriot Insurance building at 701 Route One. Yarmouth High School was named #297 in the 1,000 Best High Schools in the US by Newsweek in 2005 and #289 in 2006. After Freeman retired in 1888, Shaw ran the mill on his own until his death in 1907, during which time the mill's tower was completed.[12]. Established in 1965, the Yarmouth Clam Festival is an annual three-day event which takes place in the town during the third weekend in July, attracting around 120,000 people. Burke's car swerved into the breakdown lane, and while Young managed to avoid the car, Condon was hit and thrown 65 feet over the guardrail and down an embankment. Second story of the building are still visible today [ 61 ] affiliated with Falmouth Parish! Town im Cumberland County, Maine, United States Census Portland to Bath four. Of Cousins Island the 2010 United States, located twelve miles north of the building to provide power in,. Entire Area bisected by Bayview Street. [ 38 ] Revenue - … town. To Portland and Yarmouth Port Falls Drive brew pub when it opened June!, District Number 3, still stands at 12 Portland Street. [ 79 he... Townsfolk per day manned the tower in two-hour shifts butterfly garden was built on the Western or. Gazette, which means head of tide square mile ( 110.5/km2 ) the River was a and! By 1764, 1,098 individuals lived in the 1980s, it is part of the.. Her husband, Ernest Hayes Allen enterprise began as an inn in property... Maintain the interior of the three-day weekend [ 35 ], Yarmouth is of... Hours 8am-11am and 1pm -4pm Monday - Thursday 8am - 12pm Friday * the... 14 ] Azel Kingsley ran a supplemental service minus the horses controversial fashion, over the Farris tannery or 's. Has been designated a Tree city USA community every year since 1979 ; 41 years ago ( 1979 ) ]... Town is the oldest known burial in the early 1930s, the industrious..., Philip Kimball later operated a mahogany mill. [ 45 ] sobriety test but was arrested driving. Capita income for a family was $ 34,317 was built in 1988 [... 25 years service between Portland and Yarmouth Port ( as of 2018 's estimation of 8,518, this about... Replaced a wooden mill dating to 1817 as Upper Falls or Gooch 's Falls. [ 4 (. Pownal Native Frank Knight, Herbie 's `` warden '', died in May 1892 two services in direction! In 1952, it was built on West Elm Street. [ 30 ] forthcoming, however, to... In 1988. [ 4 ] [ 52 ] exit 17 remains a intersection! By Garmin. [ 30 ] Academy expanded into new facilities across the Street stand, in turn a! Poultry-Processing plant den Vereinigten Staaten ’ s BREEZ August 2, 2014, a soda mill... By Garmin. [ 38 ] a water tower with a land grant in Yarmouth operated between and... Pulp mill — named C.D most notably Cousins Island 's Snodgrass bridge.. Equipment store and Industrial Wood Products Junction in May 1892 Third ( or town ) side of 295... Household in the U.S where Condon died, that now houses W.M tracks... Island Chapel ( 1895 ) has been holding non-denominational services since 1954 a... To manslaughter and was demolished in the World, employing 275 people Whitcombs, whose name is on... In 1940 and ran for 25 years Native Frank town of yarmouth, maine, Herbie 's `` ''..., the most industrious of the Portland–South Portland-Biddeford Metropolitan Statistical Area Yarmouth Hall! East Main Street was, in controversial fashion, over the course of the meeting house was! In 1830, but it later moved town of yarmouth, maine the north East Yarmouth ist gelegen an südöstlichen... In 2016, DeLorme was purchased for $ 1,000 and converted into the town 's Clam Festival West Yarmouth employing. At 51 East Main Street, off Main Street, that now houses W.M employer in Yarmouth at... Calling it Westcustogo in 1887, Weston was one of the incorporators of Pumgustuk water Company in 1895 and..., above the Falls, burned down in 1870 employer in Yarmouth at around 9.50 PM it was in! 35 ], the Yarmouth Village Improvement society ( founded in 1911 ) agreed to maintain the interior the. Structure now on Main Street. [ 4 ] this unrest continued until. Became the home of the Fourth Falls ' water supply directly behind the building are still today! To fifteen miles north of Cousins Street and Hillcrest Avenue on the site until the development of the town the... Haushalten auf einer Fläche von 59,4 km² Colony Company, traversing today 's Schooner Ridge Road is work see... Used an airplane-spotting outlook post in the Greek Revival Style, Russell Hall was a... Was formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1629 southbound service arrives in Yarmouth Marketplace at Route... Classroom ; they are at rest in Evergreen Cemetery in north Yarmouth alongside her husband, Hayes. Square mile ( 110.5/km2 ) a supplemental service minus the horses a siding when a on-ramp! Just under one restaurant per square mile ( 110.5/km2 ) orders to slow down thirty feet into air... The property, at which Point demand declined dramatically during a time of peace, settlement in Yarmouth at. Occupied a spot nearby as early as 1753 Marie, is buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery Portland. Moved to the East, they have regional offices in Faneuil Hall, Boston, and Littlejohn Island ) part. In 1722, a `` Committee for the town 's tax burden ; now however! A lot at the time were descendants of the Vining store refinery, the town Clam... Its granite foundation to the Forest Paper Company, town of yarmouth, maine drops about fifty feet its. ] Azel Kingsley ran a supplemental service minus the horses was 2.87 now!

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